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To Build Up the capacity of women and assist them through Income generation activities for sustainable livelihoods.


Micro finance has come to be recognized as one of the new development paradigms for alleviating poverty through social and economic empowerment of the poor. Home to the largest population of poor in the world, India has been a natural candidate for experimenting with microfinance as a tool for poverty alleviation. In India, several models for microfinance are being applied, involving banks, government agencies and NGOs. The dominant approaches that target the poorer section of the country can be broadly classified as the Self Help Group (SHG) In this models, groups of mainly poor women are expected to assume joint liability for loans taken by its clients, but there are significant differences in service delivery. The self-help groups in Rajasthan have attained the dimensions of a movement, which has given realistic hopes for the poor people to organize, and through their collective strength prove that they are bankable and can enhance their social and economic position by operating in the mainstream market systems.
There is a vibrant discourse in the current literature that discusses the relationship between microfinance and women empowerment. According to Mayoux microfinance programmes, contribute to women’s ability to earn an income, may initiate ‘virtuous spirals’ of economic empowerment, increased well-being for women and their families and wider social and political empowerment.


Self help group is a small, informal, homogeneous and affinity group of people, voluntarily coming together with others who are affected by a particular issue to support each other and to work together to change the disadvantage affecting them. Activities that groups include micro finance, income generation, community education, information, mutual support, services and advocacy. They are owned and controlled by the members democratically with objectives defined by them.


The performance of self-help groups has been commendable in terms of the number of poor people getting organized, the activities they undertake, and even presenting itself as a viable model to make many other ailing welfare delivery systems efficient and effective. There are many instances of SHGs of women growing at a fast pace in Rajasthan. ICDS, NABARD and NGOs are mainly involved in the SHGs movement in Rajasthan. There are many schemes of government funding projects mainly focus on covering the BPL families or landless, asset less families under SHGs for socio economic enhancement but Vishvas Sansthan experience in field of rural development reveal that there are many other families in the villages, unfortunately they are not cover in the BPL category but they are urgently seeking for assistance for their livelihoods in a sustainable manner. Government departments and NGOs working in the villages know the reality but they cannot give the benefit or link with SHGs because of mandate of the schemes so Vishvas Sansthan decided to cover those families, are willing to link with SHGs, want to develop their capacities as per their potential in themselves and in the project area and want to start some IGA activities for their livelihood enhancement


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